Fall armyworm (FAW)

Finally a safe, effective, affordable and sustainable solution for FAW: REBEARTH

Fall armyworm (FAW) is an insect from the America’s. Since 2016 Africa and parts of Asia are infested. Its larva can cause significant damage to crops, mainly maize. No specific solution was available until now. Infested fields show damages from 26% – 50%, even total loss overnight is often seen. Use organic Rebearth for prevention, or in case of infestation: Spray the maize plants and larva and caterpillars are killed within the hour.

The only known side effect of Rebearth is higher yield (up to 100%)

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Life Cycle

The FAW life cycle is shown in the picture below. During a growing season more stages, at the same time, will occur. This means that fighting FAW is difficult, since most pest controls only work in the early larva stage.

The search for answers

Organisations, universities and many other groups and individuals are looking for solutions to the FAW pest. Many are looking at South and North America for answers, they are the ones that cope with this problem for a very long time. Looking into solutions in the America’s gives a short list of possibilities:

  • Cope with the problem and hope for the best
  • Spray chemicals a few times per growing season to kill early stages of the caterpillar
  • Use seeds that are less susceptible to FAW
  • Use biological pesticides
  • Introduce natural enemies of FAW in the environment

A quick look at field results of the above short list, the only conclusion can be: Not enough