What is Rebearth?

Rebearth is a transparent, natural, safe liquid that is used to soak seeds in, before seeding, or to spray on plants and soil during the growing season. Rebearth stimulates plants and soil life to increase vigour. On smallholder farms, using almost no inputs, Rebearth increases yield substantially, especially on traditional varieties of maize and potatoes.

How can Rebearth help killing FAW?

Rebearth stimulates the plant in using its natural capabilities to the maximum. Defence against invaders is a part of that system. The main line of defence is the plant’s production of chemicals that fight of unwanted invaders. Rebearth supports and stimulates this process. People know plant chemicals, because they have a specific smell, every plant has its own characteristics. The smell of roses or garlic are very well known and appreciated. Although they are just chemical compounds serving a specific purpose. People inhale or taste and enjoy the smell and taste or they dislike them. If a plant produces a smell that is not appreciated by insects, they don’t come to that plant. Sometimes the plant chemicals kill unwanted invaders.

How can Rebearth stimulate vigour?

Rebearth supplies missing components the plant cannot find in soil nor air. This restores plant vigour. The proprietary production process of Rebearth covers a large area of elements, that support growth, in only the wavelength form. The wave form does not harm soil or plant materials, because it is subtle in nature. It only resonates with plant and soil materials in the same wavelength field. This is the way of Rebearth to supply all elements and energy where needed, in the correct amount, never causing harm to soil or plant. You cannot poison soils in any way using Rebearth. The plant only takes what it needs, the rest “evaporates”. Respraying several times per season can be necessary, mostly 3 times, depending on plant and species. You need to add fertilizers as you are used to do. Rebearth Increases the plant availability of the supplied elements and delivers the missing links. It does so in corporation with soil life.

Application in the field

The application is done in the form of spraying a dilution of Rebearth and water on the soil and plant. The wavelength is taken in by the plant and soil life, that resonates with the same wavelength field. The resonance initiates a physical reaction that causes forming of roots, leaves, stems and fruits. The reaction of the wavelength / frequency on the plant sometimes causes  increasing plant growth speed, by up to 3 weeks per growing season. Shorter growing time in the field, means less risk and pests.