Rebearth costs

What if crops get lost due to FAW

Figures show that damage caused by FAW can be 26% to 50% of the total yield (source: CABI report “Impacts and implications” October 2018). In the worst case 100% of the crop is lost. If 50% of total inputs is lost due to FAW the damage amounts from $473,= for commercial farmers to $165,= for smallholder farms, per hectare of maize. Total loss will show figures from over $900,= to $375,=

The cost of Rebearth per growing season, for 3 sprayings, can be subsidised. If your country / government applies for subsidy from Rebearth foundation.


Without Rebearth:

  • Spray chemicals, [expensive]
  • Mechanical removal of eggs and caterpillars, [lots of extra labour]
  • Controlling fields a few times per week, [lots of extra labour]
  • Use bio pest control, [expensive]

With Rebearth:

  • Spray Rebearth 3 times per growing season
  • Extra yield and longer harvesting period


Governments can request financial support from Rebearth foundation.

Pricing in US$